Part of our desire is to develop innovative training programmes to train leaders to be missionally effective in their community, church or neighbourhood.

The ForMission Diploma in Leadership* takes you on a 2 year journey to equip you for practical leadership. 

The training is designed to faciliate your learning, and engaging with your peers in their situations is a part of the learning process. 

The training programme works on a 2 year rolling cycle and you can join or stop depending on your personal circumstances.

You will cover 3 modules each year, 2 of them at one of our regional campuses and one in a residential setting.

At the regional campus locations you can join with other students who are developing their leadership skills over 6 training days and at the residential,  you will join our students from all over the country in a residential training programme.

*this is a ForMission Diploma and not validated by an external university.

A typical session

2 weeks before the session you will be sent the reading and preparation documents.  The session normally runs 10am to 4pm on a Saturday at a campus location.  It is facilitated by a skilled trainer and as part of your learning, you will participate in lively discussions around the themes of the topic. Each of our facilitators is a missional practitioner with leadership experience.  After each session you will write a short reflective piece on the aspects of the topic and your response to the core issues.  We will encourage you to put the themes into practice in a real context.

Total Preparation time 2 hours

Total teaching time per session 6 hours

Total time on reflection 2 hours

Optional reading and additional study.

Each topic is accompanied by notes and presentations.


Who is this aimed at?

The course is focussed on leaders, aspiring leaders or those in team leadership positions within a church or ministry context. Although the material is focussed on the church and missional contexts, much of the material can be easily applied to non church based work contexts.

No academic qualification is required for admission, just a willingness to develop as leader.  We would ask that you have some outlet for the learning ie a measure of leadership, management or responsibility within a church or ministry context.

On completion of 90% of the material via attendance you will get a ForMission Diploma in Leadership.

How will it help me?

At the end of the course students will

  • Be more self aware
  • Understand the nature of missional leadership
  • Gain awareness of the cultural context in which the church exists
  • Be given practical leadership skills eg resolving conflict, managing change
  • Increased sense of biblical knowledge

The Course Outline

Module 1 The Call to Leadership

What is leadership? How can I understand what this means for me personally?
This module will help you to understand what is meant by ‘leadership’ and to explore where you fit in.

Session 1.1 – Leadership : What is it all about?

Session 1.2 – Whose Mission is it anyway

Session 1.3 – Understanding your own Call

Module 2 The Context of Leadership

The Big Story of the missionary God and His activity in our world is explored against the backdrop of our postmodern culture and the global outpouring of the Spirit.

Session 2.1 – Postmodern Culture

Session 2.2 – Understanding the Big Story

Session 2.3 – The Church in the power of the Spirit

Module 3 The Challenge of Leadership

Leaders have to guide churches through change, help resolve inevitable conflict and to deal with the personal challenge this creates. This module will give you some helpful tools for this task.

Session 3.1 – Constant change is here to stay

Session 3.2 – Conflict and how to survive it

Session 3.3 – Dealing with the dark side

Module 4 Discipleship for the 21st Century

We are called to be disciples and also to help form disciples. What practices do we need to engage in and what structure do we need to create in order to do this well? The topics in this module will empower you to tackle this vital task.

Session 4.1 – How to be a disciple

Session 4.2 – How to form disciples

Session 4.3 – The potency of empowering leadeship

Module 5 Creating Missional Communities

In an age of individualism and consumerism it is a challenge to form churches where ‘I’ becomes ‘we’. This module looks at working in teams, creating groups and planting churches.

Session 5.1 – Church Planting Workshop

Session 5.2 – Creating Community

Session 5.3 – Understanding Teams

Module 6 Serving Society

In this part of the course we look at how we relate to the mission field around us. How do we communicate the gospel? What is the nature of the kingdom of God? How do we engage our neighbourhood in a positive manner?

Session 6.1 – Comunicating the Gospel

Session 6.2 – The Nature of the Kingdom of God

Session 6.3 – Engaging the neighbourhood

Timetable of Courses

Cost of the Programme

The programme costs £500 per year (£1000 per programme), payable by standing order.  Students paying the full fee at the start of the programme receive a 10% discount.

To Enroll on the Programme

To find out more about the Diploma in Leadership or to enroll in a programme at a location near you please complete the following information :