10 years ago church planting was hardly on anyone’s agenda in the UK. Today, virtually every denomination and network has a planting policy. The church planting movement that is rising in England is showing signs of developing in many other European lands. Church planting across Europe is not happening by accident. There is an intentionality and organizing presence that is making a difference. The organizing presence for church planting in a number of European nations comprises a relatively small number of people forming strong personal friendships.

Those engaged in church planting in Europe have moved beyond personal friendships to the creation of a strategic plan. Significant days!

The church planting strategies across Europe are moving into action phase. They harness the energy of existing systems. Planning together, across Europe, across denominational boundaries, and out of relationships is bringing movement.

During the last few days of September 2015 a group of key leaders from around 20 nations in Europe gathered together in Madrid to consider key next steps in forming church planting movements in Europe.