Angie Allgood & Bonny Downs Community:

Interviewed by Martin Robinson

Angie Allgood is interviewed by Martin Robinson in the Well, the Bonny Downs Community Centre, East Ham, London. She describes how it is that five generations of her family have stayed on this deprived estate, and why now they continue to stay and work, with their neighbours, for this troubled community. Part 2 is a further conversation with Angie’s sister Sally Mann, minister of the church.

Part 2: Angie Allgood’s sister Sally Mann is interviewed here by Martin Robinson. Sally is Baptist minister of Bonny Downs Baptist Church and tells the story of its call into The Well community centre and its deepening engagement with the communities of Bonny Downs and East Ham.


The conversations will continue in the Journal of Missional Practice.
The understanding of mission described by Angie and Sally is profound, and in the journal we will take time to explore with them and others, their insights.