ForMission is pleased to offer mentoring for Christian leaders with one of our trained, contracted mentors. All of our contracted mentors operate with a distinctively Christian approach to mentoring that emphasises identifying and promoting God’s work in the life of the Christian leader. The mentoring process is professional, intentional, empowering, adapted to the unique requirements of each leader and highly relational.

Each one of our contracted mentors has particular strengths and experience. You are welcome to discuss your needs with our Mentoring Service Director to find the best fit, or you may request a particular contracted mentor. All our mentors have ministry experience, emotional maturity and personal faith appropriate for persons acting as Christian mentors. ForMission works with two categories of mentors:

Recognised Mentors

Have completed a recognised course of study in Christian mentoring

Have had at least one year of practical, supervised experience in mentoring others

Expert Mentors

Hold a post-graduate qualification in Christian Mentoring from a Christian Institution

Have more than 400 hours of supervised mentoring practice

The Director of ForMission’s Mentoring Service, Rev Dr Rick Lewis, provides supervision for all our Recognised Mentors for the mentoring they provide through ForMission. Expert mentors access professional supervision from an external source.

All our contracted mentors are signatories to the ForMission Mentors Code of Ethics and are responsible for their own professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Mentoring covenants are entered into on an annual basis, with a formal review towards the end of the period to evaluate the process. The mentoree then has the option whether or not to seek to renew the covenant.


Mentoring Fees

Annual mentoring fees are payable in advance at the commencement of the mentoring period. These fees are normally covered by the leader’s organisation as a key element in their professional development.

These fees are invoiced by ForMission and passed on to the mentor, less the deduction of a supervision levy in the case of Recognised Mentors.

Recognised Mentors                                                          Expert Mentors

£500 per year for 6 sessions                                              £750 per year for 6 sessions

£650 per year for 8 sessions                                              £975 per year for 8 sessions


Where the mentor is required to travel, the mentor invoices actual expenses as they are incurred in addition to the annual fee. Mileage is invoiced at the current statutory AMAP rate of 45p per mile.


To discuss your mentoring needs, please contact our Mentoring Service Director, Rev Dr Rick Lewis at

Frequently Asked Questions

Which approach to mentoring is being offered?

The ForMission mentoring approach is distinctively Christian. It is based on identifying and promoting the work of God’s Spirit in the life of a leader. It ranges from the inner life of spirituality and character to the outworking of those things in relationships, ministry and mission. Thus it integrates some of the important emphases spiritual direction, coaching and supervision in a holistic, ongoing discipleship process.

How are mentoring sessions structured?

Mentoring sessions within this model are all one-to-one meetings. You meet with your mentor six times per year, roughly every two months, for an extended conversation of about an hour and a half. Some ForMission mentors are available for more frequent sessions upon request. If you reside in the UK, these sessions will usually alternate between face-to-face meetings and video conferencing. If you live outside the UK, arrangements can be made to conduct all sessions online. Between sessions you are encouraged to stay in touch via email.

What happens in a mentoring session?

Mentoring conversations are referenced directly to your unique, real life context. Both the content and process of sessions are designed around you as an individual. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, yet in a flexible way conversations do have the following shape:

  • Review. Each mentoring session will pick up where the previous one left off. This maintains accountability, continuity and momentum for growth and development.
  • Discernment. You will be encouraged to think carefully about relevant events and your own responses to those events to gain insights about how God is working.
  • Encouragement. Inner resources of hope, courage, determination and confidence are nurtured to provide the emotional wherewithal to bring good ideas to action.
  • Planning. Working with insights gained through review and discernment, and sifting through options generated in the conversation, you choose a specific plan of action that will be reviewed in the next session

Who steers the content of mentoring conversations?

At the outset you will specify the focus areas you wish to pursue, the outcomes you are seeking and your expectations of the mentor. Whenever these are varied it will be you who reframes them so that at all times you are in control of the agenda. Each mentoring conversation will deal with your focus areas, as well as more immediate matters which you choose to raise.

Over what period does the mentoring last?

Mentoring arrangements, with clear and firm commitments from both partners, are entered into for a year at a time. Towards the end of the period the partners review the arrangement to decide whether or not to continue for another year.

Can I be sure of high quality mentoring?

All ForMission mentors are trained, experienced and receive regular supervision. Our Mentoring Service Director, Rev Dr Rick Lewis, receives client feedback to monitor the quality of mentoring we provide, and holds our mentors accountable to the ForMission Mentors Code of Ethics. Rick is a full-time freelance mentor with 30 years experience mentoring Christian leaders. He earned his Doctorate through Fuller Theological Seminary by conducting action research into mentoring for pastors in the UK, is the author of the bestselling book, Mentoring Matters, and teaches mentoring theory and practice internationally.

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