Our MA students come from all walks of life and have a varied background of previous study.  But it can be pretty daunting to go straight into an MA programme, particularly if you have not been used to study.

To support potential students we have devised a programme of supported study to prepare you to start an MA programme.

All potential students are interviewed following application to the MA programme, and a process is conducted to determine whether we are able to admit students onto the MA programme immediately, or whether additional academic support is needed before such students may be admitted. In these circumstances, and in order to provide the necessary support, we have devised a programme of supported study to help prepare such students for MA study.

If this applies to you, we will offer you one of 2 pathways depending on your particular circumstances:

Leadership Pathway – if you feel you need to get more support in some of the themes of the MA we will assign you to our Leadership Diploma programme where you join in with other students & get a feel for our facilitated learning environment.  We will ask you to complete a programme of study (there are 3 modules a year on this diploma) and complete formative assignments.

Theology Pathway – if you need to develop your theological and biblical understanding as a precursor to MA study we will enrol you on a module of theological training taught at one of our regional campuses. You complete the study and complete (with assistance) assignments.

The cost of both pathways is £500 (this allows for one year of the Leadership Pathway or one semester of the Theology Pathway.

Should you successfully complete the chosen pathway you will be admitted onto the MA programme, in this situation then the Access fees will be deducted from the MA fee.