Whatever our level of competence we can always improve in this area. Developing our Christian character is a life long calling. Strong leaders surround themselves with others who are competent and more gifted than they are in specific areas of ministry.

Missional leaders attempt to build teams that live the values and practices that they desire to build in the congregation. One of the values and experiences of team is joy in the task. Leadership is a responsibility not a burden – good teams enjoy working together.

Leadership teams are not just work groups. The task matters but so does the relational investment that values people alongside task. Growing a healthy team takes time. The values we bring into a team are not always obvious and can bring conflict.

Conflict is not necessarily bad, in fact it is a normal part of human life. The question is how we handle conflict in team – in a healthy way or a negative way. Good leaders work with others to create a healthy culture. Key elements are transparency and regular, clear communication.