The Faith of the Unbeliever


By Martin Robinson


Product Description

Grappling with the beliefs and unbeliefs which shape our society; Many people who live in the West describe themselves as unbelievers, but this does not mean that they believe nothing at all.

Martin Robinson explores what those who call themselves unbelievers actually believe. The forces that shape our belief structures are as important as the beliefs themselves. Once we understand why people believe in the way they do, we can begin to see why modern Westerners find some beliefs impossible – and yet remain spiritually hungry. Martin Robinson untangles the various threads that make up this complex opposition to the Christian faith. In the process he reveals the make-up of the present spiritual landscape in the West. He writes both for those who are sympathetic to Christianity and for those who are hostile. He suggests ways in which Christians and unbelievers can begin to communicate with each other.

Published by Monarch