ForMission Graduation Day

Lichfield Cathedral was alive with the graduates of ForMission College receiving their award for their long years of study.  The 15th October 2016 was a time of celebration for the graduation of our MA and BA students. The day began with the robing of our staff and students, with plenty of time for pictures as our successful students came along with their friends and family to celebrate the momentous occasion.

The ceremony began with the Cathedral doors being pulled opened to welcome our graduates and faculty for their procession. After a welcome and prayer, Paul led us into a wonderful time of worship focusing on God’s faithfulness.  Martin Robinson, the Principal, then reminded us of the vision of ForMission college and encouraged us to engage in the mission that is ahead.

The BA were first to receive their awards, followed by the MA, with our trustees and programme directors presenting each one. These were moments of loud cheers and applause, as our graduates proudly held their certificates and posed for their photos.

The day continued with prayer and worship, followed by encouraging testimonies from two of our MA and BA graduates regarding their experience at ForMission College. Sam Ward, Director of Eden, then presented the talk, affirming graduates with statistics and the privileges that came with their achievement. He also reminded that we are blessed to be a blessing; his testimony was a challenge and inspiration to listen to – making us laugh and reflect at the same time.

The ceremony closed with another grand outward procession. The doors were opened with the sunlight beaming in through the door to the inside of the Cathedral as the graduates of Mission were sent into the world, a beautiful and symbolic moment for everyone to witness.

Most of us stayed for the refreshments and photos; a lot of us caught a glimpse of the traditional throwing of the caps! We are immensely proud of our students and excited for their future. We look forward to hearing all their wonderful stories as they embark on the next journey of their calling from God.

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