Sitting with Forge leaders Martin Robinson and Alan McWilliam, sipping coffee and talking about what is critical to fostering effective missional movements across Europe. This was stimulated by conversations held at Exponential and Forge International in the Summer, and helped by Martin’s overview and analysis of the different sectors and peoples of Europe. His thoughts and knowledge was both insightful and interesting. Still a lot to take in!


Europe is a fascinating matrix of histories and philosophies, and a mosaic of cultures and identities. We talked about the usual missional themes of postmodernism and post Christian and the political anti-establishment movements rising up all over the place. Oh, and there was of course a Brexit discourse too!


We talked about the amazing renewal and reformation that is taking place across many Reformed denominations through church planting movements, and the renewal of mission in many unexpected places.

What makes a missional movement? Well it’s certainly birthed and incubated by the Spirit and saturated in prayer. It is highly networked and relational, incarnational and organic, yet not without strategic frameworks. It is fostered and nurtured by missional leaderships, contextually incarnational, and has the slim line structures that enable movement and reproduction. It has discipleship at the heart and laity at the core, and often breaks in from the margins and unexpected places. It is supported by accessible training, simpler forms of church, and the deployment and mobilisation of people on mission wherever they are found. This is a movement of all the people. The free movement of peoples across the continent has enabled apostolic and prophetic ministries to flourish to mobilise people of every nation. These are exciting days.


As we muse over the mug, we dream and hope that we can play a part in what God is doing in Europe and learn from those that have travelled ahead of us and with whom we can work and partner. We get excited about the potential that Forge can play in bringing accessible, affordable and reproducible training to mobilise people in mission as one part of a European missional movement. Ideas flow, dreams are shared and a few ideas are formed to take Forge forward. Pause for a sip…OOPS I’ve drunk it all! Drat!

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Trevor Hutton
Formission Director of Church Planting and Forge England and Wales