Musings Over a Mug: Forging the Future by Trevor Hutton

Musings Over a Mug

Sitting in the office sipping a coffee looking out at the beautiful sunshine streaming though the tress! Ah, I love the Spring watching new life break through all around me!

Talking of which, did I tell you about the new life that is breaking through with the launch of Forge England and Wales in Manchester and Bristol this springtime with 25 missional practitioners coming together to be trained and equipped to follow God on His mission? Exciting! Life giving! New things!


How amazing it was to see people from diverse backgrounds, denominations, traditions, locations, ages, and vocations come together to form learning communities that will travel together to explore ways in which they can join the kingdom adventure that God has called them to.

Isn’t it more fun to travel with others? Don’t we learn more from people that are different from us?

Setting out with a new community, the missional practitioners forge into a new open future that God has created for them, thrusting them out of their comfort zones into missional risk taking and exploration, but never alone. The God Who is sending them is also the God Who goes before, goes behind and goes with them on the way. Wherever they are sent, God will already be there to welcome them and encourage them to join in with Him in being bridge builders to networks and communities, gatekeepers and agents of the kingdom, and incarnational servants coming alongside those to whom the good news must be proclaimed and demonstrated in life giving and innovative ways!

Isn’t it scary stepping out of your comfort zone? But isn’t it exciting to explore what God is doing in His world? Isn’t it encouraging to know God is ahead of us, in us and behind us?


As we explored an array of key missional topics, brought to us by practicing missional trainers, we enjoyed exchanging stories, discussing issues, sharing best practice, reflecting on lessons learned painfully, and committing ourselves to rediscover the radical Jesus and his tangible kingdom. Our site visits to see mission in context, the interviewing of missional practitioners starting new things, the joy and laughter of eating and drinking together, praying and blessing one another, prepared us for an exciting journey that lies ahead. And this is to be supported by daily reflections, monthly coaching sessions with an assigned coach to encourage each person to live out what they are learning along the way, a bi monthly learning community that will met for food, fun and faith building, and training weekends that equip people explore missional context, lifestyle and leadership. The alignment of these components makes Forge unique and provides an invaluable tool to the church in resourcing and equipping men and women for mission wherever they are found.

Isn’t there something beautiful and dynamic when like-minded people come together to share their minds and hearts? Doesn’t it create a buzz when we realise we are not alone and someone actually “gets us” and understands where we are coming from? Isn’t it exciting to see and hear amazing stories of transformation and to dare to think, “Maybe I could be a player in some new adventure story?”

PAUSE FOR SIP…OPPS I’ve drunk it all! Drat!

 Just time to say that if you want to know more about Forge England and Wales, visit: Who knows, maybe you too may find your way forging the future in some amazing and unexpected way!!


by Trevor Hutton
Formission Director of Church Planting and Forge England and Wales