Date: Wednesday, 10 February 2016 from 10:00 to 16:00 

Invitation Only Event!

We do extend this invitation to our non-invited audience, particularly those who have a keen interest in church planting issues & developing innovative ideas, please do not hesitate to book a place onto this very popular event.

Following the success of last year’s church planting conference we are delighted once again to host the national one day ‘Church Planting Forum’.

The rebirth of existing churches and establishing of new church communities are the most significant policies for Christian leaders today! The forum will draw upon the expertise of practising leaders who develop, pioneer and inspire people with relevant & innovative ideas.

This unique event is designed to exchange ideas across a wide range of denominations and agencies.

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A time for you to re-fresh yourselves, be inspired, discuss issues, explore ideas, become equipped, share best practices & stories and it’s an opportunity to network, support and encourage one another.

In order to support church planters to make a real and relevant difference in their communities, the forum will explore four key issues that were identified during the last conference.

Church Planting &…

Cross Cultural Ministry

Sustaining the Sustainers

The Urban Setting

Current trends & Developments

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