Hat’s Off to The Graduates (2015)

Graduation 2015 was a day full of celebrations, smiles and laughter. With over 30 students graduating, the hall was filled with around 300 friends and family there to support them. Each with a personal story of achievement, the students were presented their awards by Academic Dean Robert Stradling, Rev. Dr Andrew Hardy and Principal Martin Robinson.

The day was not a celebration of academic achievement alone, but also of the amazing projects many of the students have been at work on in their local environments and places of work.

Hearing from one of the Graduates on the day, she spoke of the valuable impact that people, community and placement had on her during her time of study and how this had excelled her to not just complete her course but to also overcome obstacles and put into practice all she was learning.

With qualification now in hand, many of these students are going on to continue their great work as well as journey onto many other new and exciting projects. With the Alumni College Community set up, we are hoping that we will get to hear many of their stories over the coming years, as well as continuing to support and encourage them in all they are doing.

General ForMission


What our Graduates had to say…

Giovanna Mione

“During my time at Springdale (now ForMission) words cannot express how much it has impacted and transformed my life both personally and spiritually and I will never forget my time there, mostly because of the love, acceptance and non judgemental community of the family in christ that was experienced. I loved the course because time was always given for spiritual formation as well as the academic learning and you were included in the community and made to feel valued and loved. The tutors were strict but very patient and real and we’re a good example for me in the heart attitude I should have as missional leader. I will remember them for the rest of my life because they oozed passion and love for God and the community and made time for you and gave a lot patience and love at the same time.”

Karen Urwin

“The graduation ceremony was a wonderful celebration of my achievement in becoming a Master of Arts in Missional Leadership. It was a day I shall always remember encompassing as it did the receiving of our certificates of graduation, a speaker in Andrew Menzies who encouraged us all in what we had achieved and the new paths we may be taking, and finally being presented with a vision of the future of the new Formission College, which we can share with those whom we nurture and mentor in our future ministries”.

Lindsey Pearce 

” What did I learn most from the course….to seek God first in all things. Through all the studying which can take a lot of your time it is important to make time for your own walk with God. God needs to be put first in everything. Going deeper into God’s word was life changing and ministry forming. I learnt to read my Bible properly and learnt how to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to me through His word. I have learnt how to listen more to the Spirit’s prompting in all aspects of my life and also learnt to be more obedient. Still more work to be done ….I made friends for life during my studies. Friends who are passionate about being on mission for God.”